About Us

Hi! We are Melody and Kelvin.

Thanks for visiting our blog!  We currently live in Long Beach, CA, and we love hiking, camping and traveling.

This blog was originally started in 2009 as a place for us to share photos from our daily lives when Kelvin was living in Atlanta, GA and Melody was living in Los Angeles, CA.  Since then, Kelvin has moved to Southern California, and in 2013, we got married in Lake Tahoe.  Now, we use this blog as a place to share our trips and projects.

By day, Melody is a medical device engineer, and Kelvin is a professional photographer.  Visit Kelvin’s photography blog at http://kelvinkuo.com.

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365 – Photo of the day posts

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Kelvin – Posts authored by Kelvin

Local – Posts about any trip that is within 2 hours driving distance

Melody – Posts authored by Melody

Personal – Posts about thoughts or anything happening in our lives

Things I Like – Posts highlighting things we like

Travel – Posts about any trip that is more than 2 hours driving distance